Who We Are?

RoyalCert International Registrars is an independent assessment and certification body offering value added services worldwide. RoyalCert is founded by experienced professionals on management systems and product certification, inspection, calibration, finance and corporate consultancy who worked for some well-known global assessment and certification bodies for more than 20 years.

Our conformity assessment services are gathered under the RoyalCert brand worldwide. RoyalCert International Registrars GmbH is registered in Frankfurt-Germany and accredited by Die Deutsche Akkreditierungsstelle GmbH (DAkkS) on management system schemes; QMS, EMS, FSMS.

In a quite short period, RoyalCert became one of the globally respected and well-known certification body experienced on auditing, testing, inspection, calibration and certification. At present, RoyalCert operates in 22 countries ranging from Korea to Romania in addition to Germany and more are being added year by year.

In addition to accredited services, RoyalCert delivers services on 2nd party audits and special standards internationally approved and/or developed such as; Green Building, Green Municipality, School Safety, Sports Safety, Hygiene and Brand Assessments for Hotels, Halal Food and Pre-shipment Inspection Services.

RoyalCert certifies companies with respect to their corporate identity in reliability and performance relying on privacy policy. Functioning with the mission of sustainability and development, RoyalCert, shares its knowledge and experience; and thus has the vision of coexistence with its customers in the future.


To exist together in the future with her clients

by sharing her knowledge with them.


To evaluate, certificate, provide sustainability

and improve the organizational structures,

reliabilities, and performances of the clients

being served.


  • The services carried out by RoyalCert are maintained in accordance with the needs of the certificated organizations and their customers.
  • All the services are offered within the legal requirements and to be applicable and realistic.
  • In order to provide these, our policy is;
  • To carry out our audit activities in accordance with international standards, the scope of accreditation, and requirements of legal requirements
  • To evaluate all the applications and accomplish our services in determined durations within the framework of procedures applied to all organizations equally,
  • To provide sufficient number of qualified personnel, to improve the qualifications of our employees by sharing all the subjects with them,
  • To follow the actual developments and inform the related parties about the subjects within the scope of our services,
  • To realize our services in a way that lead to continuous improvement.

What We Do?

  • Management System Certifications
  • Product Certifications
  • Finance and Corporate Consultancy
  • Compliance Auditing
  • Inspections
  • Trainings

Why Us?

  • Improvement in management and operation control; effective and systematic information flow to top management,
  • Clarify the responsibilities and tasks and improvement in business performance,
  • Better definition and analyses of processes within the company,
  • Improvement in productivity, quality and the processes within the company,
  • Increased customer satisfaction,
  • Cost reduction due to the lack of quality by reducing the recycling and waste costs,
  • Increase in the quality of information, flowing to management with respect to production performance,
  • Clearly defined responsibilities for quality and increased consciousness about quality,