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BRC Food is the first recognized standard by the Global Food Safety Initiative and one of the most used standards in food industry. BRC Food Certification is well established in UK, Europe and USA.

What Is British Retailer Consortium (BRC) Global Standards?

BRC Food is the first recognized standard by the Global Food Safety Initiative and one of the most used standards in food industry. BRC Food Certification is well established in UK, Europe and USA.

This standard is created by the British Retail Consortium in 1998 as a protocol for organizations producing products under the brand of retail chains but nowadays it is widely known in other areas of the food industry. BRC has established itself as a tool for many international and national companies to assess their suppliers. BRC Global Food standard is recognized by major retailers worldwide.

BRC Food Certification by an independent certification organization is a tool to demonstrate a high level of safety of manufactured foods.

Another advantage that this certificate gives you is the opportunity to become part of the so-called BRC directory where all users of the BRC website can track your progress towards certification.

BRC standard is designed to help retailers to comply with legal requirements and to ensure high level of consumer protection. It includes the basic principles of their own supplier requirements and product specifications and is revised and reissued periodically

The BRC global standards is a private, for profit, membership-based association. It represents the whole range of retailers for the UK retail industry, from the large department stores through to independents.

Over the past thirteen years, BRC has developed the BRC global standards, a suite of four industry-leading Technical Standards that specify production, packaging, storage and distribution requirements to guarantee safe food and consumer products.

  • Global standards for Food Safety
  • Global standard for Consumer Products
  • Global standard for Packaging and Packaging Materials
  • Global standard for Storage and Distribution

Originally developed in response to the needs of UK members of the British Retail Consortium, the standards have gained usage world-wide and are specified by retailers and branded manufacturers in the EU, North America and elsewhere.

Strengths of the BRC standard include highly detailed descriptions of process and hygiene control – this provides management and employees with clear expectations of the day-to-day actions that will contribute to the overall food safety strategy. In other words, highly applicable information that employees can use to deal with real-world situations. The BRC certification process itself is efficient, with only an on-site audit and no requirement for a ‘desk study’ step. Should a business ever wish to be re-certified – either to demonstrate commitment or address a problem – the BRC accommodates requests for voluntary re-audits at any time.

Additionally, BRC certification covers food safety, quality, and also legality, which is of great concern to any stakeholder navigating the complexity of food law.

What are the benefits?

  • Improve your food safety management systems
  • Demonstrate your commitment to food safety standards
  • Increase confidence in the quality and safety of your products
  • Make sure your suppliers also follow good hygiene practices
  • Monitor your system to achieve continuous improvement
  • Promote best practices
  • Improve supplier standards and consistency, and avoid product failure
  • Eliminate multiple audits of food manufacturers
  • Support retailer objectives at all levels of the manufacturing supply chain
  • Provide concise information to assist with due diligence defense

If a supplier gains certification against the BRC Global Standard for Food Safety, it assures the customer that they are dealing with a company that reaches high levels of competence in all critical areas. They will know that their supplier is monitoring and continually improving their product quality, safety and legality, and that they have taken every possible precaution to prevent problems should there ever be a challenge made against a product. The certification audit report will be one of the documents an enforcement authority would require from a retailer or brand owner to demonstrate that their supplier was competent to produce a safe and legal product.

The BRC Standard meets the strong need to preserve the integrity of branded products. The BRC Global Standard for Food Safety is a single verification that ensures both the fulfillment of legal obligations and of customer protection.

The BRC (British Retail Consortium) Global Standard for Food Safety was created to ensure supplier compliance and secure retailers’ ability to guarantee the quality and safety of the food products they sell. Today it is used worldwide as a framework for any business (retailers and processors) to assist the production of safe food and the selection of reliable suppliers.

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