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As long as tax is the most important source of income of countries, it will continue to be the biggest cost item of companies. Company owners started to see paying so many different tax items in optimal level without violating laws as a factor of their commercial activities in our country where same situation is valid. On the other hand Department of Finance tries to provide tax protection with approximately 9500 tax inspector and more importantly audits taxpayers more actively by electronic/ cross audits. RoyalCert renders TAX PLANNING service on condition of keeping precious customers out of pecuniary penalties and liberty binding punishments particularly in regulations by highly experienced experts.

RoyalCert which is also expert Tax Audit Consultancy and Tax Judgment has a perception that assumes each job as their only job. Our experts who are experienced about local taxes are also experienced about International Tax Agreements.

Both globalized business life and existence of indirect title holders (junior partners, credit institutions, trade creditors, state etc.) is requiring trustworthiness and transparency of financial reports.


RoyalCert offers consultancy and intermediary services for the implementation of the strategic decisions such as merger, acquisition, disposal and liquidation to its customers.

Company managements and investors may intend to merge with or acquire other companies as well as transfer their companies. These decisions may have several reasons. For instance, some investors may provide their cash needs required for different investment opportunities by selling their existing companies after the respective companies reach a certain growth. In other cases companies may be intended to be inorganically grown in order to gain advantage on the market in terms of pricing, supply and raw material costs or fixed costs. From all reasons above, merger –transfer- acquisition operations are frequently required in the markets.

Accurate preparation of the strategies, financial reports and valuation by both acquiring and selling party is crucial for a successful merger –transfer- acquisition application. However, a qualified due diligence audit is also a critical element.

RoyalCerts serves with its expert and experienced team to the acquiring and selling parties operating in financial reporting, valuation and due diligence activities. Moreover, we bring the extensive investor network and companies together.

The following services are provided in the field of Merger -Transfer- Acquisition;

  • Financial Reporting
  • Valuation
  • Due diligence
  • Consultancy for the acquiring party
  • Consultancy for the selling party


Companies need to reach the right sources with relevant costs in order to make investments, develop projects, strengthen working capital, finance raw material purchase, and improve debit/credit balance and cash flow.

TEven today a great deal of companies has serious difficulty in terms of finding cost-efficient financial sources since they fail to generate qualified financial reporting and/or manage their business plan and budget efficiently. However, many of the companies completing these processes also have difficulties in establishing finance models proper for them and they need a serious solution partner who will accompany them in this phase.

RoyalCert provides services to companies on establishing financial planning and optimal finance models. Companies which we serve in this field can easily reach cost-efficient and sustainable finance solutions.

The main Corporate Finance products offered by RoyalCert includes especially Restructuring & Optimization Credits and Credit Portfolio as well as the review of current finance structure of the company and optimizing it by cost-benefit analysis.

Factoring, Reverse Factoring are the solutions for turning the receivables of the company into cash in shorter terms or extending them to the terms. Bond issuance: Bonds are debt instruments which are issued by pledging future incomes as collateral, with more one-year maturity and assuring interest yield to its holder. Bond issuance is subjected to the CMB approval.

Public Offering/Block Sales: Companies may obtain a substantial amount of finance by offering a part of their shares to public and/or major investors. It is important to strategically evaluate the results of the bond issuance which means permanent partnership.

Tailor Made Solutions: In addition to all of these products, RoyalCert develops and provides tailor made products after evaluating the financial structure of the companies efficiently.


RoyalCert offers value creating corporate solutions to its customers. It always takes current business and prospective expectations into consideration as adapting current successful applications to companies. Therefore, it forms products and route maps specific to each company, applies them and always follows the performance Services provided by RoyalCert in Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) fields aims to gain companies following favors particularly;

  • Increasing efficiency
  • Avoiding unexpected losses
  • Increasing company's dignity
  • Providing medium-termed and long-termed sustainability

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