Green Audits

Green Audits

Green audit is a comprehensive evaluation and analysis of a building’s current energy use.

Results from energy audits provide insight for building owners and also identify the most economical and energy-saving opportunities. Audits alone do not decrease energy usage; energy-saving strategies must actually be applied in order to see results. However, the implementation of these cost-effective opportunities can result in a payback period typically ranging from six months to four years, depending on the savings approaches utilized.

Buildings have extensive direct and indirect impacts on the environment. During their construction, occupancy, renovation, repurposing, and demolition, buildings use energy, water, and raw materials, generate waste, and emit potentially harmful atmospheric emissions. These facts have prompted the creation of green building standards, certifications, and rating systems aimed at mitigating the impact of buildings on the natural environment through sustainable design.

Project Control Points are;

  • Sustainable Sites
  • Energy Management
  • Materials and Resources
  • Innovation and Design Process

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