ISO 10002:2014 Quality management - Customer Satisfaction Standard

In today’s competitive environment, product and service innovations are redefining accepted levels of performance. A good customer satisfaction system is one of the crucial requirements for successful businesses when managing customers’ needs and protecting their brand.

The Customer Satisfaction standard, ISO 10002:2014 helps organizations to identify, manage and understand how successfully they deal with their customers’ complaints.

The standard specifies the key requirements for handling customer complaints successfully and includes complaints management controls to help you address customer dissatisfaction within your business.

According to ISO 10002, the information received through customer feedback could yield refinement in products and processes and if handle correctly could increase the reputation of the foundation regardless of its scale, location and sector. The real value of the ISO 10002 is revealed better since it gives the confidence that customer complaints are handled in a much more viable way in the world market.

It is at least four times more costly for a foundation to keep its current customers than finding new customers. However foundations that continuously lose customers pay a lot of effort to fix their damaged reputations. Therefore please contact us for both gaining new customers and for meeting the needs of your active customers.

What Are The Benefits of ISO 10002?

  • Better Relationship
  • Continual improvement
  • Transparent System
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Brand Improvement
  • Management Focus

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