Meeting That Bring The Continents Together

Royalcert held the annually Experience Exchange Meeting with the participation of the Chairman Alphan NAMLI and the business partners from different countries in Cappadocia this year.
A large number of participants, including South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, India, Albania, Sri Lanka, Iran, Lebanon, Bangladesh, Greece, Sudan, Romania, Malaysia and Georgia participated in the meeting between 24-28 July took place.
During the five-day meeting, sessions were held on RoyalCert’s objectives and strategic plans, representatives’ objectives and current status, sectoral changes, standard information and upgrading services of RoyalCert.
Speaking on the first day of the sessions, Chairman of RoyalCert Mr. Alpan NAMLI informed participants about the content of the meeting, the objectives and strategies of RoyalCert. Emphasizing that they are continuing their activities in 25 countries, Mr. NAMLI has informed about growth plans and new services of RoyalCert for the coming years.

Nevşehir Governor Mr. İlhami AKTAS attended the Gala Dinner on Thursday, July 27, and honored the night.Mr. AKTAS and Alphan NAMLI presented the Best Practices Award in the evening, which was awarded to the RoyalCert Korean team for their success in 2016.In addition, Srilanka received the Best Growth Award from RoyalCert General Manager Mr. Ziya KESKIN and RoyalCert Malaysia received the 10th Year Honor Award from RoyalCert Assistant General Manager Muzaffer ÖZKAN.
At the end of the Gala, Chairman Mr. Alphan NAMLI presented a local gift to the governor to thank him for his participation.
During the five days, more than 50 participants from 20 different countries visited the extraordinary local beauties such as the Open Air Göreme Museum, Kızılvadi, Derinkuyu, Ihlara Valley and participated in the balloon tour. Participants left the region, emphasizing that it is their first time to come to Cappadocia, but that they would come only for sightseeing as soon as possible.