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With climate change now squarely a priority on the public and political agenda, how are International Standards making a difference? Where do we need to go from here? And what do we do to get there?

This latest ISOfocus issue addresses these questions and lays out the range of standards for monitoring climate change, quantifying greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and promoting good practice in environmental management and design. These are just some of the ways in which ISO International Standards help governments and organizations address climate change.

But this can’t happen without collaboration. As Thomas Idermark, CEO of the Swedish Standards Institute (SIS), writes in his introductory remark: “The climate has no borders, and neither has ISO. This is what makes it so important that the work carried out in different committees to identify best practice does not simply continue but also escalates.”

ISO has produced over 600 environment-related standards, including those that help open world markets for clean energy and energy-efficient technologies and support climate change adaptation and mitigation. They also contribute directly to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 13 on climate action.

To help keep you current on developments, the latest ISOfocus brings together compelling views of the benefits of ISO standards on climate change from all points of the globe. Articles span a wide range of topics, including quantifying GHG emissions, climate change mitigation and adaptation frameworks, and financing climate change activities.

We have deeply reported magazine features, supported by comprehensive expertise, topical stories as well as lively debates on how ISO standards help. You will also find useful infographics as well as a climate change case study.

Whether you are a company or a government representative, or just curious about what’s happening in climate change, read the latest ISOfocus to find out more about this major issue that we need to tackle together.

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