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Lotte Resort Buyeo has acquired ISO 14001

Lotte Buyeo Resort announced that it held a certificate conferment ceremony on September 4 after the acquisition of ISO14001:2015 Certification (International Standard of Environmental Management System) from ROYALCERT (German International Certification Body).

The ceremony was held in accordance with the COVID-19 quarantine guidelines. According to the COVID-19 quarantine guidelines, hand sanitization, body temperature measurement and mask wearing of all attendees were checked before attending. It was held on a shorten schedule with the attendance of 3 people from Lotte Buyeo Resort including the general manager and 3 people from ROYALERT.

ISO14001:2015 is an International Standard of Environmental Management System to achieve sustainable improvement of environment by reflecting and fulfilling the environmental policies & goals of the organization, after understanding environmental aspects and analyzing performance results of environmental policies and goals.

Lotte Buyeo Resort announced that it has obtained ISO14001:2015 certification for the purpose of achieving systematic and sustainable environmental improvement while quickly responding to internationally emerging environmental issues around the world.

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In our effort to create a more inclusive environment with our agents, a platform to acknowledge agent performance and to having a mechanism in which we receive input for jointly shaping our future; the executive board set out some selection criteria for how the RoyalCert Board will be formed. The selection criteria took into consideration the following:

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