Sport Safety

Sport Safety

Finding Time for Improvements... is no easy task in a bustling fitness center, but minor changes can prevent the most common property and liability claims.

Fitness centers have a steady flow of members all day long. While this might be good for business, it can also make it difficult to assess equipment reliability and the effectiveness of safety procedures.

Gyms and family fitness centers offer an unbelievable variety of programs and equipment for members. Covering all the possible exposures facing your organization could take undreds of pages. In an attempt to provide the most relevant information to the greatest number of organizations, we’ve chosen to focus on some of the most common injuries our claims adjusters see.

In this Project we have methodology has 4 steps;

  • Definition of the current situation at gym
  • Competence studies at reference gym centers
  • Audits
  • Reporting & Certification

Our parameters for auditing;

  • Floorin
  • Walls
  • Environmental factors
  • Equipments
  • Exercise areas
  • Sanitation
  • Security etc.

During this project your organization will implement more effective international requirements and grow up.

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