Transmittable Virus Risk Management

In a complex, interconnected world, with challenges and business interruption caused by the recent global pandemic, risk management, infection control and business resilience have become ever more important to all types of organizations and consumers alike What is TVRM? The Transmittable Virus Risk Management Assessment Scheme was developed by RoyalCert in response to the global pandemic caused by COVID-19. This scheme is designed to provide an agile, comprehensive and practical framework that will help organization to define systems and procedures from well-established international standards and guidelines in their effort to provide a safer and more reliable service to their customers while ensuring that they are better prepared to respond to business disturbance. The scheme adopts requirements from ISO 9001: 2015, ISO 22301: 2019, ISO 22316: 2017, ISO 22395: 2018, ISO 31000: 2018, HACCP principles and World Health Organisation (WHO) guidelines. TVRM Aims to: Based on the PDCA approach of most management systems, TVRM sets a structured management system methodology for organization to implement, maintain and improve on how they:

  • Enable organization to identify risks, and have deliberate and well-planned risk management approaches in mitigating their risk in a manner that will best suit each organization and its needs.
  • Minimize the risks to the organization’s employees and customers alike.
  • Develop their business continuity plans so as to minimize the impact of future possible business interruptions caused by local or global pandemics.
  • Provide confidence to their internal and external stakeholders that the organization is resilient, well prepared and able to continue its activities after a crisis.
  • Implementing and operating controls and measures for managing an organization’s overall continuity risks.
  • Minimize the further spread of infection between employees, customers and the general public in a controlled manner through the implementation of globally accepted guidelines. How does TVRM benefits your organization? Every organization regardless of size, location and industry can benefit by the implementation and certification of the TVRM system. Some of the main benefits are:
    • Minimise the effect of a disruption on an organisation;
    • Reduce the risk of financial loss.
    • Retain company brand and image and give staff, clients and suppliers confidence in the organisation's services.
    • Increased competitive advantage.
    • Increase the awareness and understanding of the organizations risks.
    • Increase customer confidence on the organization and its products.
    • Differentiate itself from competition who have not implemented a TVRM.

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