World Food Day

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) annually recognizes a theme on October 16th and is celebrated as World Food Day. This year’s theme is an important fact revealed at World Food Day, titled “Change the Future of Immigration, Invest in Food Safety and Rural Development”. According to the United Nations figures, 244 million people are migrating internationally and 763 million people are migrating from rural to urban areas by leaving their own lands. On World Food Day; identification of hunger problems in the world and demonstration of solutions, provision of food production co-operation between countries, production and consumption of foodstuffs and provision of hygiene and sanitation activities at sales points, and the importance of adequate and balanced nutrition. Yuriko Shoji, United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) Representative in Turkey and Central Asian Sub-regional Coordinator, summarized the importance of this year’s theme and the risks that the world faces in the coming years, An average of 26.4 million people were displaced from 2008-2015 due to climate or air related disasters. Sustainable rural development, adaptation to climate change and investment in sustainable rural livelihoods are an important part of the global response to the current immigration problem. We are trying to solve the basic causes of disaster migration by improving the conditions and creating alternate life options in the resource countries and to take advantage of the development opportunities for the source and destination countries.